The blondes at the university were tired of not fitting in. They were tired of other students unfairly assuming they were just stupid bimbos. They wanted somewhere where they felt they belonged. So they pressured the administration to set up a new department especially for them.

The university agreed, and set up the "Blonde Education Department."

The blondes were ecstatic to have a department of their own where they could gather without being ridiculed. They felt they really belonged now, after all they now had their own department at the university.

So now they all proudly wear the official sweatshirt of the "Blonde Education Department" which sports the saying: "I Belong in B.E.D!"

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Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is staying in New York at the Trump Hotel. The Trump Hotel is a lot like one of Tiger Woods' girl friends, really. Tall, flashy, and 1200 bucks a night.

--David Letterman

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The Broadway show

A man took his wife to a Broadway show. During the play he become strangely aroused and decided to go to the bathroom to masturbate, so he hurried to find the bathrooms.

He searched in vain for the rest rooms, but instead, all he found was a beautiful fountain with foliage.

Nobody was watching, so he dropped his pants and masturbated furiously. When he finally got back into the auditorium, he searched in the dark until he found his wife. "Did I miss much of the second act?" he asked.

"Miss it?" she said, "You were starring in it!"

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Wedding Night

Being a virgin, Bob was very nervous about his wedding night, so he decided to seek the advice of his friend John.

"Just relax, Bob," counseled John. "After all, you grew up on a farm. Just do it like the dogs do."

The morning after the wedding night, the bride stormed over to her mother's house in tears and announced that she wasn't going to live under the same roof as Bob for even one more night.

"He's totally disgusting! He doesn't know anything at all about how to be romantic, how to make love... he just smelled my butt and lifted his leg on the bedpost!"

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